Hem x 6, the Institut Suédois feels like home

After the reopening of the Institut Suédois public spaces in 2017, it is now time for the upper level apartments of the Hôtel de Marle to be revealed to visitors. These spaces host Sweden-based researchers, writers and artists during their residencies, aiming to provide a piece of home in Paris. Each of these six apartments (ranging from 22 to 38 square meters) will be rehabilitated by duos of forward-thinking brands and designers committed to sustainability, offering six variations of hem in a 16th century historic mansion, a hôtel particulier.

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Designprocesser exhibition
–  Witnessing the creative process behind design objects from A to Z

Swedish design makes another trip to Paris with this exhibition by the Stockholm Nationalmuseum from 2018-2019, whose purpose is to show the stages of collaboration between designers and manufacturers,from idea to finished object. Whether for furniture, tableware or lamps, all the different stages of creation are shown for about twenty objects, helping the viewer understand the evolution of the design as well as the steps to go from prototype to series manufacturing.

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Swedish Design Moves Paris from September 8 to October 27 2019 is organised in collaboration with Business Sweden, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in France, the Swedish Embassy in France and Visit Sweden. #SwedishDesignMovesParis

Thanks to all the collaborators and partners of this cultural season:
Alix de Mercey, Anna Kraitz, Anna Lerinde, Annika Berner, Architects Sweden, Artek, ASTRID, Ayushi Chaudhary, Beckmans College of Design Stockholm, Carina Seth Andersson, Carl Cavallius, Carl Malmsten AB, Charles Stern, Charlotte Ackemar Note, Decosteel, Design House Stockholm, DUX, Edsbyn, Ekdahls Möbler, Electrolux, Elin Lindström, Ella Westberg, EngmoDun, Funkiskök, Färg & Blanche, Gabriella Gustafson (TAF Studio), Gense, Gilberts Restore, Grythyttan Stålmöbler, Gurbaaz Duggal, Gärsnäs, Hanna Wik (ODDA Design Studio), Handtryckta Tapeter, Helena Kåberg (Nationalmuseum), Jakob Solgren, Jens Fager, Johannes Karlström Note, Jonas Lindholm, KA Karl Andersson, Kasthall, Katja Pettersson, Kina Björklund, Klara Wirsén Hedengren, Klässbol Linneväveri, Källemo AB, Lightwork, LINUM, Lisa Lindh, Lotta Löwgren/Södermalms Bokbinderi, Ludvig Löfgren, Magniberg, Marta Gawronska, Massproductions, Mateus, Mattias Ståhlbom (TAF Studio), Matti Klenell, Monica Backström, Målerås Glaswork, Nationalmuseum Stockholm, Palmgrens, Paris College of Art, Paris Design Week, Petite Friture, Professional Secrets, Robert Wetterbrandt (ODDA Design Studio), Rui Tenreiro, Sarah Colford, Sara Sjöbäck, Septembre Architecture & Urbanisme, Simon Klenell, Simon Whitfield, Skrufs Glasbruk, Snickis Stockholm, Statens fastighetsverk, Stina Löfgren, Stina Wirsén, Stockholms Auktionsverk/Lauritz.com, Stolab, String Furniture, Svensk Form, Svensk Tenn, Swedish Fashion Council, Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry, Swedish Wood, TEA, The Glass Factory, Ulf Agnér, Vera Panichewskaja, Westermalms Metallgjuteri, Wästberg, Åsa Jungnelius.

About Swedish Design Moves
Swedish Design Moves is a programme that aims to increase the international awareness of Swedish design (including architecture, fashion and furniture/accessories) and is commissioned by the Swedish Government. The programme is led by Visit Sweden in collaboration with Architects Sweden, Swedish Fashion Council, the Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture (TMF) and Svensk Form – The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design. Swedish Design Moves initiates and/or co-organizes projects around the world, among others in Paris in collaboration with the Swedish Institute.