Hem x 6, transposing Swedish interiors outside the home, outside Sweden

After the reopening of the Institut Suédois public spaces in 2017, it is now time for the upper level apartments of the Hôtel de Marle to be revealed to visitors. These spaces host Sweden-based researchers, writers and artists during their residencies, aiming to provide a piece of home in Paris.

Each of these six apartments (ranging from 22 to 38 square meters) will be rehabilitated by duos of forward-thinking brands and designers committed to sustainability, offering six variations of hem in a 16th century historic mansion, a hôtel particulier. In Swedish, home can be described with two words: hus, referring to an impersonal physical space, or hem, which expresses notions of belonging, security and comfort, with a positive emotional association.

Here are the participants who rose up to the challenge of bringing Swedish interiors in France, creating a hem for our guests:

Carl Malmsten AB – Anna Kraitz
Thomas Eriksson Arkitekter – Ulf Agnér
Beckmans College of Design Stockholm – Paris College of Art
Svenskt Tenn – in line with the philosophies of Estrid Ericsson and Josef Frank
Gärsnäs – Färg & Blanche
Dux – Septembre Architecture & Urbanisme

In addition to these duos, other brands are involved in the project, such as Kasthall which supplies the carpets and Design House Stockholm which supplies dinnerware.

After renovation, these studios will be accessible to the public from September 8th to October 13th 2019. Opening day on September 7th. Admission free.


Designprocesser exhibition
–  Witnessing the creative process behind design objects from a to z

Swedish design makes another trip to Paris with this exhibition by the Stockholm Nationalmuseum from 2018-2019, whose purpose is to show the stages of collaboration between designers and manufacturers,from idea to finished object. In order to do so, the museum has chosen to take example on the creation of the NM& collection, conceived for its new restaurant (a space created for the renovation of the Nationalmuseum and its reopening in October 2018).

The interior design and the collection of objects in the restaurant were created by a group of designers: Matti Klenell, in collaboration with the ceramist and glassblower Carina Seth Andersson, interior designers Gabriella Gustafsson (TAF) and Mattias Ståhlbom (TAF), and finally, graphic designer and illustrator Stina Löfgren. A collaborative process that generated about 80 new objects by 30 different creators.

Whether for furniture, tableware or lamps, all the different stages of creation are shown for about twenty objects, helping the viewer understand the evolution of the design as well as the steps to go from prototype to series manufacturing.

Thanks to work documents, sketches, films and works-in-progress contextualising the transformation of matter into object, visitors are invited to reflect on the way in which the objects that surround them are thought and made.

From September 8th to October 27th 2019.
Opening day on September 7th.
Admission free.