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Galerie NeC c/o Institut suédois: group show

As part of our year-long program devoted to Friendship, the Institut Suédois is giving carte blanche to several French contemporary art and photography galleries that have supported and represented Swedish artists for many years.
White sculpture

As part of this invitation, the Gallery NeC nilsson et chiglien offers a group show with four contemporary Swedish artists whose artistic vocabulary explores the perpetual cycle of life, the eternal rebirth of nature. While Ellen Ehk Åkesson’s ceramic and bronze sculptures evoke Sweden’s primary and ancestral forests, Eva Hild’s works draw us into the endless movement of her harmoniously curved Loops. Mårten Medbo’s recent creations suggest the embryonic cell. Finally by reinterpreting the tools used by his explorer ancestors, Gustaf Nordenskiöld brings back to life the memory of the discovery of unknown lands.

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