Best known for his work depicting farming communities in Dalecarlia, Sweden, Anders Zorn also enjoyed success in Paris, and drew inspiration from the city. In 1889, the couple moved into a studio-cum-apartment on the Boulevard de Clichy and the same year, Zorn was awarded a gold medal at the Exposition Universelle. Charlotta Nordström, an art historian who specialises in Scandinavian artists of the period, offers a fascinating and unusual guided walk through their neighbourhood.

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Billetterie Weezevent

Event organized within the framework of the exhibition: Anders Zorn, master of Swedish painting at the Petit Palais, Paris

15.09.2017 – 17.12.2017
The Petit Palais is devoting a major retrospective to Anders Zorn (1860-1920), a central figure in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Swedish painting. This exhibition, the first of its kind in Paris, will re-establish the renown of a great painter who has remained very popular in Scandinavia and whose work was feted in San Francisco and New York in 2013-2014.
Well known in his time as a portraitist and engraver, Zorn was one of the most highly-regarded representatives of an international style that was both modern and highly accomplished, alongside Sargent, Sorolla, Boldini and Besnard. But he was much more than just a painter of society portraits and a champion of the folklore and countryside of Sweden, and the exhibition highlights his masterful talent as a painter of watercolours, an engraver and, more unexpectedly, a photographer. The finest pieces from the Zorn Museum in Mora will be on display, as well as an outstanding set of works from the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, which is partnering the project, as well as major loans from other Scandinavian and French institutions.
Curators: Johan Cederlund, director of the Zornmuseet, Mora; Carl-Johan Olsson, conservator of 19th century painting at the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm; Christophe Leribault, director of the Petit Palais.