Open-air concert: Lisa Li-Lund

As part of l’Hyper Festival, with our long-standing partner Les Femmes S’en Mêlent, we present the Franco-Swedish musician Lisa Li-Lund.
Lisa Li Lund sitting in an armchair

The Institut Suédois gets into a pop-folk-electro groove for this summer evening concert.

Having spent her teenage years in the anti-folk galaxy and worked on her solo projects with great performers such as Jeffrey Lewis and The Cairo Gang, this year Lisa Li-Lund has released a new album titled Glass Of Blood, written and recorded in France and Sweden.

Her pop style moves the listener deeply and covers a wide range of emotions. Lisa’s travels around the world have helped fuel the new project, into which she’s put “…all the colours of my heart. Ghosts, darkness, blood, bones, mirages, the night and the moon. These are not dark places for me. They’re where I feel safe, and above all where I feel I am truly myself.”

Concert organised in partnership with Les Femmes S’en Mêlent as part of l’Hyper Festival.

Useful information

Institut suédois 50 years in 2021! This event forms part of our anniversary programme dedicated to the theme of Friendship. Click here to learn more.