Swedish Fashion Now: Showroom – The Brands

As part of Swedish Secrets and Swedish Fashion Now, the Swedish Fashion Association presents a showroom presenting some of the most innovative textile and fashion brands in Sweden.

The brands presented are Diemonde, Diemonde X Marché Noir, Guringo Design Studio X Rita Roslin, Lars Wallin, Louise XIN, Rika Studio, Stina Rand, Streamateria, Susan Szatmary and Unifrom. Opening up new perspectives in contemporary fashion, they will be showing their latest creations and breathtaking pieces. Rika Studio and Susan Szatmáry will be presenting their designs in the showroom from 1 October.

The Swedish Fashion Association, which is coordinating the entire Swedish Fashion Now programme, is an independent organisation set up in 2009 with the aim of supporting, promoting and developing Swedish fashion both in Sweden and abroad. Development focuses are creativity, sustainability and profitability. The organisation’s activities include consultancy, support, organising events such as international fashion weeks and symposia such as Fashion Future Talks.

Useful information

  • Showroom open to the public: 01.10.2022 + 02.10.2022 + 05.10.2022 / 12:00 – 18:00
    Admission free, no need to book in advance.
  • By appointment only: 03.10.2022 – 04.10.2022
    Please contact annika@annikaberner.se