TAF Arkitektkontor has been commissioned to redesign the various different public spaces. This Stockholm-based design studio was established in 2002 by renowned designers Gabriella Gustafsson and Mattias Ståhlbom. In 2017 they were awarded several prizes and titles, including “Outdoor furniture of the year” by Elle Décoration Sweden, and “Designer of the year” by both Form Magazine and the Bruno Mathsson Foundation, a major icon of Swedish design.

The Café Suédois has also had a makeover. Carried out by TAF Arkitektkontor, the design is intended as a foretaste of the new restaurant and café at the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, which will reopen in Autumn 2018. For this work the Nationalmuseum commissioned designer Matti Klenell, the TAF Arkitektkontor studio, graphic designer Stina Löfgren and ceramicist Carina Seth Andersson, after seeing their project entitled A New Layer combining traditional Taiwanese lacquering techniques with a Scandinavian aesthetic. Inspired by this delicate encounter between traditional heritage and contemporary art, the Nationalmuseum asked the four designers to work together again, this time applying the formula to Swedish traditions. The manager of the Café Suédois, Anna Nordenmark, still focuses on local organic produce and home-made fare, and will also be adding some new dishes to the menu.

New features are also on the way in our communication media, with a special app you can download before your visit and a new presentation for the permanent exhibition with detailed texts accompanying each work on display explaining its origins, introducing the artist, and sometimes including anecdotes and unusual details