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Blå Station

The Company – what’s your story?

Blå Station is a family business started in 1986. We are located in what used to be a sewing factory in Åhus, on the southeast coast of Sweden where the ocean is just as restless as we are.

Motivated by the pleasure of what we are doing, we continue to develop new products. But for us, it isn’t enough that a product has never been shown before. For it to be considered new, it must be able to demonstrate a new attitude towards shape, function, material, or the industrial production process. New furniture should be better at something and offer an alternative to what is already available.

We are driven by a desire to put into production furniture that we like and which – to our minds – deserves a place in the market.

Peace, Love & Good Design.

The products

We have gathered an all-star team of some of our most contemporary products – RUT, Maximus and Plybord. We can’t wait to show them to you!

The star of the show is the the French premiere of the new modular sofa system RUT, designed by Bernstrand & Borselius. RUT seems like a well-known acquaintance but is a brand-new companion that is all about flexibility and will favor slowness and lingering comfort as well as allow for temporary seating.

Maximus is the heavy duty yet playful all wooden easy chair designed by Johan Ansander. Light and soft, and like it’s sketched as a comic strip furniture piece but made out of heavy-duty massive ash. Maximus is a playful departure from angular and rational furniture with a mimetic attitude reminiscent of Keith Haring.

Is Plybord, designed by Johan Lindau, a seat, a stool or a table? Well, it doesn’t matter; it is there to be used. Sit on it, sit around it, or create a little cityscape at home or in any kind of public setting. Plybord is that missing furniture piece that is always needed.

What’s your secret?

To meet today’s demands and desires, we believe it is necessary to have and open and innovative mind, a child’s curiosity as well as a heart that rejects shortcuts and apathy.

Curiosity is our fuel, as we keep searching, not for the already known and established, but for the unexpected, yet-to-be discovered.

Fun facts

In the beginning, before our production was up and running, we filled our rooms with art exhibits and jazz concerts. It was fun and the place became our “Station” – which we thought was a very fitting name. Because at a station, there’s always something going on – a constant flow of change.

The first half of our name was always obvious to us. Blå Station’s founder, furniture designer Börge Lindau, used the signature BLÅ on drawings – the B and the L being the initials of his first and last name and the Å representing Åhus where he had settled.


Blå Station