We're getting ready to reopen on 20 May! We're looking forward to seeing you again. Meanwhile, you can still enjoy our on-line programme, as well as takeaway service at the Café Suédois. See you very soon!
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On the Parisian rooftops, dansers pose for the camera with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

Screening online: Les Ballets suédois

Discover more about the dance company Les Ballets suédois thanks to the SVT documentary "Les Ballets suédois - arts, dances and crazy nights". FIlm in Swedish with French subtitles available...

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Meet the author Stina Stoor

Stina Stoor, an author from the far north of Sweden whose lyrical prose is rich with local dialect, has been translated for the first time into French. During this evening...

Start date: 03 Jun 2021
At the Institut Suédois
Current status: