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The Company – what’s your story?

With their everlasting love and devotion for textile carpets, Dahl Agenturer have been supplying carpets (and lighting) in numerous projects since the seventies; offices, hotels, retail, schools, private homes, and such.

Our aim is to be involved as early as possible in each project to offer our special mix of inspiration, knowledge and experience regarding budgets, deliveries, sustainability, and environmental certificates – or wherever we need to flex our muscles for the architects and interior designers.

You are welcome to book a meeting or inspirational tour in our showroom in Stockholm or we will happily come directly to you!

The product: PIECES

A piece of furniture. A piece of art.

PIECES, a high quality tufted rug of wool, destined to last for decades to come. The design with oscillating colours and the design of plain rectangeles will get in dialog with the forms of most spaces like doors, windows or tables and create ’a three-dimensional whole’. The rug is available in several distinct colour schemes all with a poetry of its own like Shadow, Mineral and Waves to mention some of them. This rug can serve as a piece of art that emphasize any space, public or residential. The rug is available in any size or format due to the design that keeps the character also stretched or squeezed.
Designer Marie Dreiman / Filter Studio.

Creative process:
I often start with colour, as interior architect and textile designer. This time I had the yarn. And we didnÂŽt start as friends.

The story behind the scenes:
The yarns from the factory didn®t appeal to me. What can I do with this? I started mixing the yarns into new shades and I realized that optical color mixing and the viewing distance opened up for ‘painting with yarn’.

Journey from an idea to final product:
My first intention was to make a rug with curvy shapes. When I started making yarn blends with intricate combinations of color, I felt that the shapes needed to be subordinate. Because it’s the colours that bend! That gave the name to the collection: CURVED COLOURS.

What’s your secret?

I paint the air. Couleur is like poetry.

I see rugs as furniture. I like to sit on the floor myself, on comfortable carpets. Always liked it but strengthened in the idea of seeing the carpet as furniture after trips to Japan and TĂŒrkiye. I wanted to make ‘a piece of furniture’. Hence the name of this rug, PIECES.

The name of this specific color scheme, FLAVOR, comes from the name of the cookbook I used when I made the rug. The author is my favorite chef, Yottam Ottolenghi and I own five of his books! As the colors developed, I could smell it. It was cardamom, sumac, turmeric and Himalayan salt. Can you guess which spice belongs to which field?


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