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The Company – what’s your story?

In 1924, the Swedish chocolate maker Efraim Ljung checked into a hotel in Chicago and was fascinated by how comfortable the bed was. Using a small pocketknife, he cut open the mattress to discover flexible springs inside, before carefully repairing the opening with a needle and thread. Back home in Sweden, Efraim shifted his focus from his confectionary business and began devoting his time to experimenting with flexible steel springs of varying strengths and elasticity. Once he found the perfect solution, he formed DUX and began manufacturing mattresses in Malmö in 1926. Over 96 years later, and sold in 34 countries around the world, DUX still use this unique spring within all DUX beds and remain passionate about springs, innovation, sleep and comfort.

The products: DUX 6006 and headboard Anna

The DUX 6006 offers our individualized personal comfort zones, allowing you to customize each side of the luxury bed. You can quickly change the amount of support under your shoulders, hips and legs. It’s your side, your way, no matter where you want extra support. The DUX 6006 also comes with all the other comforts you’ve come to expect from a DUX therapeutic bed — deep springs that contour your body, as well as our luxurious Xupport Top Pad. Like all DUX luxury beds, the DUX 6006 is handcrafted from the finest materials and offers a choice of bed legs in various styles and finishes. The DUX 6006 is as unique as you are so that you sleep just right.

The slim and minimalistic Anna headboard is curated by Norm Architects. The headboard features a simple yet striking Japanese-inspired design and is available in natural or black oak, and the upholstery is made of fabric or leather.

The multi-talented Norm Architects work within the fields of industrial design, residential architecture, commercial interiors, photography and art direction.