F93, a scientific and technical cultural association in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis) endeavours to build bridges via culture between the world of research and the world of children, mainly 11-15-year-olds. With the help of a scientist or an artist, children focus on a particular subject and get involved in a process of research and artistic creation. Working in groups, they draw on historical, geographical, social, technical, artistic or anthropological knowledge.

The Design Lab S studio, in a suburb of Stockholm, mainly works with 9-11-year-olds who are seen as fully-fledged colleagues invited to solve a problem together. Samir Alj Fält and Alicia Donat-Magnin, who run the studio, are convinced of the power of children’s ideas and creativity and the importance of manual work and design used as a tool. They believe in the value of trial and error and use play as a creative process.

Both organisations embrace the principle that children have to be at the heart of the creative process from the beginning to the end of the exercise, but they use different methods that they will be presenting at this evening’s event. Are there any best practices? Which methods should be used for which age group? How can we awaken or develop a person’s creativity?

Discussion in French.
Admission free while seats last.
Drinks may be purchased at the bar.