Astrid Lindgren Weekend with Kitty Crowther

To mark the publication in France of Astrid Lindgren’s novel "Vi på Saltkråkan" (French title "Nous, les enfants de l’archipel"; English title "Seacrow Island"), we will be hosting her illustrator, Kitty Crowther, for a weekend of events inspired by the world of the iconic Swedish children’s author. The programme includes a mini-exhibition + a public discussion + a workshop for kids!
Drawing of a red wooden house in the middle of the woods, with a bird on a branch in the foreground.

Astrid Lindgren, the creator of unforgettably cheeky characters such as Pippi Longstocking and Emil, needs no introduction. Her novel Vi på Saltkråkan, which has enchanted generations of Swedes sensitive to the gentle pleasures of island summers, has at last been published in French (l’école des loisirs), translated by Alain Gnaedig and with illustrations by Kitty Crowther.

Fishing, swimming, playing, doing DIY or daydreaming… the islands off the Swedish coast near Stockholm are ideal for summer adventures. The Melkerson family goes to one of them, Saltkråkan, to stay in an old holiday cottage. The father, Melker, hopes to find inspiration for his next book. His pretty daughter Malin attracts admiring stares from local boys. Jonas and Niklas are adventurous rascals, and little Pelle loves animals and is eager to adopt one…

Kitty Crowther was born in 1970 to a Swedish mother and an English father; she lives and works in Belgium. Since 1994 she has found in her illustrated books a space in which to communicate her doubts and emotions. Her books have been translated into some twenty languages and have won several awards. In 2010, she received the highest accolade for children’s literature, the Astrid Lindgren Award (ALMA). The jury explained: “Kitty Crowther is not content with giving us simple or complex stories, she also seeks to convey the world’s beauty and magic. (…) But she does not steer clear of difficult issues to provide us with hope. Kitty Crowther’s intense compassion and identification with her characters reflect the deep humanism that runs through all her books.”


  • All weekend you can admire a performance piece drawn by Kitty Crowther on the windows of the Institut Suédois, as well as several original drawings she made for the books Nous, les enfants de l’archipel and Lutin Veille.
    Admission free, prior booking not required
  • 18.06.2022 / 14:30: Kitty Crowther in conversation with Véronique Haïtse, followed by a book signing of Nous, les enfants de l’archipel (l’école des loisirs) and Lutin Veille (Pastel).
    Admission free (while seats last for the conversation session).
  • 19.06.2022 / 15:00 – 16:30: Workshop for kids – draw the characters from the book!
    For children 7 and up. In French.
    Admission free but you need to sign up by clicking here:

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In collaboration with l’école des Loisirs and in the framework of Partir en livre.