Bergman-bar #3: The Cinema and Bergman

During three evenings, Swedish and French artists and specialists working in different disciplines will discuss the relationship between their creative work and Ingmar Bergman and also the way he relates more broadly to their chosen field. On 6 December, we turn the spotlight on film!

To say that Ingmar Bergman has influenced other filmmakers would be a truism. But in what ways has he influenced them, and which of his films continue to shape the work of screenwriters and directors today?


  • Stig Björkman, Swedish writer and filmmaker. His film work includes fiction and documentaries, often focusing on film personalities among other Ingrid Bergman and Ingmar Bergman.
  • Mikael Buch is a French screenwriter and filmmaker. He made several short films before making his first feature film, Let My People Go!, in 2011. His latest film, Simon et Théodore, was released in  2017. His next film will be set in the very Bergmanesque world of a touring theatre company. Bergman’s cinema prompts Buch, in each of his films, to find joy in torment and torment in joy.
  • Mia Hansen Løve (to be confirmed), French filmmaker. A filmed interview of her has been specially made for the occasion. She began her career as an actor but quickly moved into filmmaking. She made her first feature-length film Tout est pardonné when she was 26. She is currently working on a fiction film, Bergman Island, filmed on the island of Fårö in Sweden this autumn.
  • Olivier Assayas, French screenwriter and filmmaker. He has very eclectic cinematographic tastes, and wrote about subjects as diverse as Kung Fu films and Ingmar Bergman in Les Cahiers du Cinéma in the 1990s and published the book Conversation With Bergman with Stig Björkman.

In French and Swedish with consecutive translation in French.
Admission free while seats last.
The pop-up bar opens at 18:30. The event begins at 19:00 sharp.
Swedish specialities available at the bar.
Moderator: Frédéric Strauss, author, journalist and critic for Télérama magazine.
Event organised as part of Ingmar Bergman 100 Years. #Bergman100

22.11.2018 / 18:30. Bergman-bar #1: Writing and Bergman

30.11.2018 / 18:30. Bergman-bar #2: The Theatre and Bergman

Part of the Ingmar Bergman season at the Institut Suédois. Click here to discover the program in detail.