Café FIKA: Och nånstans där…

Café FIKA presents a series of paintings by Linda Williams on the subject of springtime, symbolising "becoming": something joyful and full of life, which is reborn after the desolate winter.
Peinture à l'huile dans les tons vert, bleu et marron, représentant de façon abstraite une forêt.

Linda Williams draws inspiration from kalhygge – clearings formed when trees are cut down in forests. These are “broken areas”; deserted spaces scattered with new shoots; they are desolate, but full of hope and reminiscences. They are as abstract as a feeling, an impression, a memory.

In her artistic work, Linda Williams seeks to express the emotion she feels when in the presence of nature and the feelings that marked her body and memory when she was a child in Sweden. There is a kind of intimate personal truth, a quest that painting tries to convey using a language that is constantly reinvented.

Linda Williams was born in Sweden in 1976 and has lived in Paris since 2004. After studying in the Art, Crafts and Design department at the Nyckelviksskolan art achool in Stockholm in 2012-13, she took a number of courses on artistic techniques including ceramics, sculpture and screen printing.

Useful information

  • Café FIKA opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday / 10 am – 7 pm.
  • The paintings are for sale on Linda Williams’ website during the exhibition.