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Children’s movie: Paddy, la petite souris

"Paddy, la petite souris" (Swedish title: "Gordon och Paddy") is Linda Hambäck's first feature-length movie, released in 2017. We are showing it at the Institut suédois just as her second film, "Ma mère est un gorille (et alors ?)" (Swedish title: "Apstjärnan") is being released in France.
Paddy the little mouse and inspector Gordon are talking over his desk and he's taking notes for his investigation.

All the animals are talking about the time when the vixen prowled around. Fortunately she has not been seen for a while!
But when the squirrel goes to see inspector Gordon about a theft of hazelnuts, he suspects the much feared animal once again. To unmask the thief, he will need Paddy the little mouse, whose sense of smell is unmatched…

This elegant and sweet animated movie features an unlikely but endearing pair of characters!

Watch the trailer (in French)

A film by Linda Hambäck
Sweden, 2017, French version, 1h01
Distributor : Les films du préau


Useful information:

  • For children 3 years old and up.
  • Admission free.
  • Opening at 11:00.
  • To ensure that everybody is protected and that events run smoothly, our team is implementing a number of hygiene and safety measures. Please read the barrier gestures by clicking here.