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Creative talk #1: If You Build It, They Will Come

The Studio des Créateurs hosts two round table discussions on the role of fashion in creating new identities and the power of collaborative platforms.
les créateurs posent dans la rue

Many of the creatives featured in “Les Créateurs en Mouvement” are change-makers who have developed platforms to create a viable ecosystem for creatives in their respective countries and regions. These creatives have: developed tech solutions that facilitate access to and for creatives, organized to create policies that facilitate the growth and sustainability of the creative industry, built online and offline platforms that shatter stereotypes through dynamic multi-media storytelling, and introduced spaces, events, and experiences that contribute to enriching the creative industry.

With: Teddy Goitom and Senay Berhe, Afripedia (Sweden), Silumesii Maboshe, Bongohive (Zambia) Luis Burgos and Juan Diego Ortiz, La Ola Naranja (Colombia), Kristell Diallo, Centre des cultures d’Afrique (France) and Kristina Kockum, Gather Festival (Sweden).

Moderator: Neo Maditla, Design Indaba  (South Africa)

Admission free. In English.
12.04.2019 / 19:00 – 21:00 Creative talk #2: Fashion’s Role in Creating New Identities


Over twenty artists from seven different countries (South Africa, Colombia, Kenya, Mexico, Rwanda, Zambia and Sweden) present pieces in the spaces of the Swedish Institute in Paris during April 10-14 2019. Hosts of the “Créateurs en mouvement” festival, they came together to work on Sweden@, a project initiated by the Institute in 2013 whose aim is to gather various industry players around the fundamental role of creatives in the development of our societies. Reciprocity and co-creation between the participating countries has formed a network of creatives that goes beyond borders. What’s on: exhibition, workshops, talks… Discover the programme of the festival