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Discussion + contemplative concert: Christine Ödlund

In resonance with the exhibition "Suivre les ondes" which includes the work of Christine Ödlund focusing on sound and the various forms of communication among living beings, the artist, along with her group Malörtens Vänner, will be performing a contemplative concert preceded by a discussion.
Photo de l'artiste tentant de capter des sons à l'aide d'un appareil dans la forêt.

Christine Ödlund works in a wide range of media: delicate watercolours depicting cycles, musical scores, plants and aquatic worlds; videos; sculptural installations where visitors encounter other living organisms; and sound pieces seeking to connect with different forms of life. In parallel with her installations featuring in the exhibition Suivre les ondes, where plants and sounds create a complete biotope, Christine Ödlund, along with members of her group, performs music originating from the richest ecosystem on the planet, namely marshland.

The composition Four Dimensions of a Swamp arose from the artist’s numerous visits to a swamp in Djurgården, Stockholm, where old lakes and ponds have been planted with trees and shrubs, forming flooded forests acting as sponges and giant reservoirs. Autoharp, shruti box, voice and synthesizer blend with recordings made in the air and water of the swamp, which Christine Ödlund sees as a perfect metaphor for art: “The fluid random chance and coincidence must stay in balance with solid matter and structure, while moving along the domains of history and myth. The flora and fauna teach the senses to stay attuned. The swamp is beautiful and eerie, otherworldly, and somehow connected to another dimension. A fourth dimension of both time and space, where the artist becomes the link between the wordless non-human intelligent life and the disconnected world of mankind.”

The group Malörtens Vänner (literally, “Friends of Wormwood”) was set up by Christine Ödlund with Marcus Matt and Andreas Kalliaridis. Accompanied by Fredrik Söderberg, they’ll be offering a meditative performance of Four Dimensions of a Swamp. After Tokyo, Oslo, Trondheim and Stockholm, the group will be making the world’s ecosystems resonate with one another in Le Marais (“The Swamp”).

The concert will be preceded by a discussion between Christine Ödlund and Sara Arrhenius, director of the Institut suédois and co-curator of the exhibition Suivre les ondes.

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Admission free, no need to book in advance.