Discussion, readings and book launch: Lars Norén on stage

Lars Norén is an actors’ author whose plays are written like orchestral scores with the actors as soloists and virtuosi.
Drawing representing on one side Lars Norén in the middle of a group of comedians, and on the other side the faces of Dominique Blanc, Françoise Gillard, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Hervé Pierre and Amélie Wendling.

Performing in a Lars Norén play is an unforgettable experience for any actor. The strength of his writing lies in his tightly written dialogues and the implacable unspoken “movements of shadow”, as he calls them. The effect on the actors was, of course, even greater when Norén directed them himself. Lars Norén is interested in what people don’t yet know about themselves. His sensitivity and kindness took actors into uncharted waters, both on stage and in their personal experience.

Françoise Gillard and Dominique Blanc, who are both members of the Comédie-Française theatre company, Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Hervé Pierre will be talking about their experience with Lars Norén’s texts during a discussion punctuated by readings. This event is also an opportunity to celebrate the republication of Poussière and the publication of Solitaire in French, the latest text by Lars Norén published by L’Arche in 2023.

With: Dominique Blanc and Françoise Gillard from the Comédie-Française, Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Hervé Pierre.

Artistic director and moderator: Amélie Wendling

The season titled L’Art Norén is organised by the Institut suédois in collaboration with Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, the Comédie-Française, L’Arche L’Arche – Éditeur & Agence théâtrale and Les Gémeaux, Scène nationale. With support from the Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet).

Useful information

  • Discussion in French.
  • Admission free while seats last. Tickets available from 6 pm.