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Exhibition: Le Divan de Liv or feminist struggles in Liv Strömquist’s work

Our 2016 exhibition "Le Divan de Liv", devoted to the iconic Swedish graphic novel writer Liv Strömquist, is currently being presented at the Pavillon des Canaux, from the perspective of feminist struggle in Strömquist’s work.
Poster of the Liv Strömquist exhibition at the Pavillon des Canaux

Have taboos concerning Courbet’s painting The Origin of the World really disappeared? What kind of cultural absurdities govern our relationships? The author, artist and journalist Liv Strömquist invites us to step back and think, with a touch of humour, about these questions that concern us all.

Drawing inspiration from artists, researchers and the celebrity press, Liv Strömquist combines scientific analysis with caustic humour relating to gender issues and denounces prejudice and sexual inequality through the prism of mass education.

The vernissage will take place on 20 April as part of the POLAR Festival.

In collaboration with the Pavillon des Canaux.

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