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Illustration and making-of: Rendez-Vous Imaginär

Don’t know what the Turning Torso is? How about the “bubbles” of Grenoble? Discover these and other typical features of Sweden and France, illustrated by the artist Inkie in a happy mixture.
Un dessin avec des détails architecturaux et culturels de la France et de la Suède

Based on a very free set of specifications, the artist Inkie has created a fictional landscape that reminds us of France and Sweden… but at the same time not at all! The illustration takes us on a journey from Malmö to Cannes passing through Paris and Stockholm and offers us a great way of celebrating Franco-Swedish friendship! This artwork, titled Rendez-Vous Imaginär, is the shared contribution of the Institut Français in Sweden and the Institut Suédois to Kulturnatt 2021 in Stockholm.

You can discover this artwork in illustration on its whole as well as the a making-of on Kulturnatt Stockholm from April 24.

Kulturnatt (Culture Night) is an annual event organised by the City of Stockholm whose aim is to showcase a wide range of cultural institutions. Because of the health crisis, the event will be taking place on line this year and will be available digitally on the Kulturnattwebsite and Facebookpage. Not available that evening? No need to panic! Kulturnatt Stockholm Play will be available until 1 May.