Anders Jakobsen, artist-in-residence at the Institut suédois in October, will be setting up his workshop in the garden. He makes bows and arrows using a Sami model passed on to him by the Norwegian archaeologist Ivar Malde, experimenting with a range of materials and adding his personal touch.

Anders Jakobsen uses the word radicalsloyd to describe his practice: a nod to the Swedish word slöjd that refers to traditional craft but also suggests distancing oneself from the codes of the world of art and design. His approach is akin to that of the makers and is far removed from the minimalist aesthetic usually associated with Scandinavian design.

If you are curious to know more about Anders Jakobsen’s craft, he will be delighted to talk to you!

WORKSHOP CANCELLED: The Radicalsloyd aka Anders Jakobsen workshop has been cancelled at the request of the artist due to late delivery of materials.

Event organised within the framework of Swedish Design Moves Paris.