Set up in 2014 by brother and sister Pablo and Ana Londoño, this is Sweden is a multi-disciplinary platform based on social engagement and antiracism. Simple tee-shirts, customised bomber jackets or DIY kits convey their messages.

“The feeling of exclusion is something that unites us, as immigrants who grew up in Sweden. Being ashamed of your culture and your roots is something that shapes your identity in later life. But as time goes on, a feeling of pride emerges. It’s then possible to laugh at our parents’ accents or language mistakes, and at the embarrassing events of our childhood. With hindsight, we came to understand the value of these moments, and we saw that there was a story to tell: for example a class photo (“class” in both senses of the word) where the immigrant children arrived impeccably dressed in lace-trimmed dresses, suits and shiny shoes, while the Swedish children turned up wearing simple dinosaur tee-shirts.
The feeling of alienation suddenly turns into a feeling of community, and a new identity takes shape. It’s about being Swedish and something else at the same time.”

A selection of fabrics and portraits illustrates their work this autumn in the Café suédois.

Admission free.
Café Suédois. Tuesday – Sunday / 12:00 – 18:00 

In order to guarantee everyone’s safety, our team will put in place the necessary hygiene and safety measures for the proper conduct of the event. Please consult the following guidelines.