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Photo exhibition: Annica Karlsson Rixon

Until the end of January 2019, Normandy hosts Lumières Nordiques, five exhibitions that provide an opportunity to discover contemporary Scandinavian photography.

Where Sweden is concerned, Lumières Nordiques and the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rouen have invited Annica Karlsson Rixon to create a piece of work. The artist chose to make a photographic reinterpretation of a famous painting from the museum collection, Les Énervés de Jumièges. Her approach transposes the subjects into the contemporary world and offers a new reading of the painting. Karlsson Rixon carried out research all along the Normandy coast, an area influenced by foreign communities and their myths. The result, entitled Mémorable Mobilité, echoes the past while reminding us of the situation of the refugees attempting to reach Europe today.

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With support from Västra Götaland, Nordic Culture Fund and Seine Maritime and in collaboration with the Institut Suédois.