Round table: Lars Norén, a timeless body of work

Considered by many to be the greatest playwright of the twentieth century, Lars Norén revolutionised contemporary theatre with his uncompromising plays. They have often sparked lively debate, and have earned accolades from critics and audiences alike.
Dessin en noir et blanc représentant Lars Norén avec un aplat de couleur rouge orangé autour de son visage.

French and Swedish directors, playwrights and colleague talk about Lars Norén’s theatre, from his first performances in the late 1970s in Sweden until his lasting recognition on the European and international stage.

Why have these plays had such a significant influence on contemporary theatre? How were they received by audiences and critics between the 1970s and the 1990s? How did his writing evolve? Why are Norén’s texts still relevant today? How do they inspire the young generation of stage directors?


  • Sofia Adrian Jupither, director of several plays by Lars Norén including Solitaire (premiered in 2022)
  • Julie Duclos, director of Kliniken (premiered in 2021)
  • Magnus Florin, dramaturge at Dramaten, the Royal Theatre of Sweden
  • Jean-Louis Martinelli, drector of several plays by Lars Norén (Détails, Calme, Catégorie 3:1, Kliniken)

Moderator: Amélie Wendling

The season titled L’Art Norén is organised by the Institut suédois in collaboration with Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, the Comédie-Française, L’Arche – Éditeur & Agence théâtrale and Les Gémeaux, Scène nationale. With support from the Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet).

Useful information

  • Discussion in French.
  • Admission free while seats last. Tickets available from 6 pm.