The stuga – a window on the natural environment

A mini-exhibition at the Café Suédois provides an insight into the famous "stugas", cabins the Swedes escape to in order to enjoy the surrounding countryside.

A love of nature is part of the Swedish DNA and forms an integral part of the Swedish lifestyle. To recharge their batteries, most Swedes escape to a stuga (cabin) at weekends or for holidays. Large or small, sophisticated or spartan, with or without running water… they come in all shapes and sizes, which means that they are easily affordable. The Swedes see nature as a simple luxury that gives them a sense of fulfilment, providing opportunities for activities or contemplation and a feeling of freedom.

What’s more, the Allemansrätten (“freedom to roam”) right allows anyone to enjoy the natural environment by walking, cycling or camping on any land, except private gardens and farm fields. The golden rule is simply “don’t disturb anyone, don’t damage anything”, just like when you’re a guest in someone’s home. This right to common access is protected by the Swedish constitution.

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Free entrance.