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Inspirational talk: New textiles for tomorrow

At the second Design-BAR event this autumn, Swedish and French participants focus on the question of sustainable fashion. What textiles will we be wearing in the future?
Textile in blue metal fibres

Watch the entire talk on Vimeo

Should we wear cheap clothes with short lifespans made from recycled and recyclable materials such as trees, seaweed or methane? Or high-quality clothes made to last decades? What will eco-responsible consumption mean in the future?

Researchers and the fashion industry have been working for some time on developing new textiles. Will we soon have tee-shirts designed to self-destruct after being worn four times—which is how often they are currently worn on average? Consumption of clothes is reaching alarming levels. In Sweden it’s 14 kilos per person per year, just ahead of France (10 kilos).

Swedish and French participants will be discussing innovative textiles that help to bring fashion into the age of the circular economy. The French participants are to be confirmed.

In the panel:

  • Christine Browaeys, founder of T3Nel (ICT, Textiles, New Technologies), texturgiste and engineer Grenoble INP
  • Mikael Lindström, associate professor and PhD at RISE Bioinnovation, producer of innovative textiles,
  • Sigrid Barnekow, programme director at Mistra Future Fashion, a Swedish research programme for systematic change in fashion

Discussion in English. Moderator : Jurgen Hecker, journaliste, AFP.
Admission free while seats last.
Drinks may be purchased at the bar.
Event organised within the framework of Swedish Design Moves Paris.