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Woodlife Talk #1

Presented as part of Swedish Design Movement, the Woodlife Talks gather around architects and city-planners that focus on designing sustainable futures.
Wooden interior from Sara cultural house

19:30 – 20:00 Guided tour of the Exhibition Woodlife Sweden (in French)

With focus on the chapters “A City with public spaces” and “Well-being and Wood” by Tove Dumon Wallsten, Architects Sweden, main curator for the Woodlife Sweden exhibition-team.

20:00 – 21:00 Towards Togetherhood: Presentation of the Skellefteå Kulturhus project by White Arkitekter (in French)

Sara Kulturhus is one of the tallest wood buildings in the world. The cultural center, with theaters, art centers, a library, and various public meeting spaces opened its doors in September 2021. The cultural center is sustainable in many ways: being a timber construction, it will act as a carbon sink, but it also drives local development and innovation.

Sara Cultural Center in Skellefteå has been erected in the heart of the city. The building contains two theatres, an art center, a library, and many public spaces for people to meet. The cultural center creates a melting pot for ideas and cultural exchange. It will be used by local associations as well as for international congresses — and for everything in between. It will host studios for local bands, as well as concerts with symphony orchestras from all over the world. Functioning as the common “living room” of the city, the cultural center is sustainable in many ways other than using a renewable material. The building will act as a carbon sink, but also as inspiration, and to drive local development and innovation on many levels. In the project presentation, the architects will guide you through its technical innovations and the implementation of their vision of a sustainable city development.

Speaker: Oskar Norelius, Lead Architect SAR/MSA Sara Cultural Center, Partner at White Arkitekter

In partnership with Paris Design Week

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