The Company – what’s your story?

Ingridsdotter, a new Swedish design company, founded in 2021.

With a background in Swedish fashion working with the most talented in the industry, Christine Ingridsdotter founded the first international showroom in the world dedicated to Swedish lifestyle brands, in Paris, called 0046. During the last twelve years she has been committed to the interior design industry in Sweden, supporting them on the international market. She has been responsible for the color schemes and textiles of a number of famous restaurants in Stockholm created by the awarded interior architect Jonas Bohlin, such as AG, Luzette, Stockholm Town Hall restaurant, Taverna Brillo, Teatergrillen, Riche, The Hills, Aira and the new iconic Sturehof.

The pieces of furniture that Ingridsdotter has started to produce consists of a selection from the restaurants in Stockholm, created and manufactured by the masters in the industry.

Influenced from the upbringing in the Swedish forest, the founder emphasizes the importance of outstanding beauty and performance, in every single object.
With respect for the nature, all of them are made to last for generations.

On the 5th of September 2022, Ingridsdotter will be launched at the NK department store in Stockholm.

The product: Spira – the coathanger

I was thinking for a long time about what a coat hanger could look like.
I imagined it with legs, a body, a stomach, a heart, and some kind of a head with a tactile rod in different directions. Just like us.” Jonas Bohlin, 1999

Made in Sweden with powder coated Swedish steel and handmade blue porcelain buds. The dimensions are height 205, width 65 cm.

A selection of places where Spira is represented: AG restaurant, Stockholm – Luzette restaurant, Stockholm – Riche restaurant, Stockholm – Sturehof restaurant, Stockholm – Taverna Brillo restaurant Stockholm – Teatergrillen restaurant, Stockholm.

What’s your secret?

Perhaps it is my upbringing in the Swedish forest, playing among the wild, ancient trees that made me understand the silent, voiceless poetry in true beauty and admire that everything has a function in nature. Nothing exists without a purpose. I want the material, always traceable, to be treated with respect and the people making the pieces to get the recognition they deserve. I want each fiber and flake to hold through better and worse and the object to be so dearly loved that the owner never wants to let it go.

The name Ingridsdotter is a tribute to my mother and her influence on my attention to everything living.