Lisa Hilland

The Company – what’s your story?

MYLHTA by Lisa Hilland is a design range inspired by Scandinavian nature. All items are made in great quality from natural materials, combining the handmade, quality craftsmanship with modern production techniques. The designs are created by Lisa Hilland with love of nature and humans. Having travelled the world, lived abroad and studied at Central St Martin’s in London, Lisa Hilland has an international approach to her Scandinavian heritage. Lisa Hilland spent part of her childhood in JĂ€mtland north of Sweden. Now she returns to her heritage; the striking nature where she grew up, to reflect and find inspiration for her creative work. MYLHTA is the traditional local name in JĂ€mtland of the Arctic Cloudberry, a rare treasure, if you can find it.

The product

When designer Lisa Hilland set out to design Lumi Pouf, inspiration was drawn from ice and snow formations in nature. The designer aimed to create a structure that would be sturdy with a minimal amount of padding, through experimenting with smaller ‘pockets’ in the pouf. The process resulted in a sturdy yet soft pouf, with less padding, that is both decorative and comfortable to sit on. The shape of the pouf resembles a starlike snowflake, Lumi means ‘snow’ or ‘light’ in Finnish. The core of the pouf is made of wood, and the padding is made of recycled PET bottles. Lumi Pouf is crafted in Sweden in collaboration with Elmo Leather and handmade at Eke-Möbler/Medvind in GlimĂ„kra. Elmo has worked with water-based tanning and dyeing since the end of the 80s and has developed a pioneering method for purifying wastewater in their own treatment plant. The water used in the process is so pure that you could drink it. The raw material – in other words, the skin – is a biproduct that is processed into a beautiful and sustainable end product, instead of being thrown away or used for energy.

Fun fact

Designer Lisa Hilland’s clients include renowned Swedish brands such as Gemla, Orrefors and Svenskt Tenn. Since the launch of Mylhta in 2018, Lisa Hilland has been granted several awards for Mylhta. Anno Cabinet was awarded ’Furniture of the year 2019 by Sköna Hem and Mylhta Stool has been awarded ‘Furniture of the Year 2019’ by Form Magazine, Swedish Arts and Crafts Association. Mylhta’s furniture series Spira designed by Lisa Hilland was also awarded Sustainability Price of Honour by Plaza Magazine in 2021.


Lisa Hilland