The Company – what’s your story?

When the first furnace was lit in MÄlerÄs 1890, an era started where the knowledge and pride in producing fine work has continued through generations. Modern creativity is at the center of MÄlerÄs Glassworks. MÄlerÄs innovative designers have always driven the form of glass beyond existing limits, in close cooperation with skilled glass masters, painters and engravers.

In MĂ„lerĂ„s Glasbruk, the glass is still today made by hand from melt to finished product. We are also the only glasswork with our own iron casting workshop where we make all of our molds for casting or blowing. We see a great value in having the knowledge to do everything by ourselves at MĂ„lerĂ„s. MĂ„lerĂ„s also stands out in comparison with other glassworks in Sweden in terms of design, we are the odd man out in the Kingdom of Crystal, with our ‘unSwedish’ style.

MÄlerÄs Glassworks creates both top quality household glassware and a unique form of art glass. MÄlerÄs Glassworks is a true trustee of the traditions of art in Swedish glass. Swedish handmade crystal. At its very best.