The Company – what’s your story?

Established in 1996, Okko Design is an international company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Specialized in acoustic solutions made from sustainable material, that fuse form and function. Our assignments vary from interiors of private homes to creating innovative acoustic solutions in public places such as museums, auditoriums, restaurants, libraries, etc.

In the development of acoustic materials Okko strives to be a leader. Exploring and finding new ways and possibilities constitutes an integral part of Okko’s philosophy of design. Core materials used are hemp and peat fiber, all natural, durable, recyclable and with the highest sound absorbing quality. Okko also aims to produce top design products that can be used in different elements and last for a lifetime.

You can find work made by Okko at the impressive hall of The National Property Board of Sweden, at the children’s library Sello in Helsinki, and the Sekundarschule Holbein in Basel.

What’s your secret?

Always work with highest quality.

In today’s hectic environment it is of high importance to address the necessity of creating environments that are soothing for people’s wellbeing. Environments with beautiful acoustic elements is an important key in creating such sustainable spaces.

Fun facts

Core materials that we use are hemp and peat fiber. Interestingly peat fiber is not only a fantastic sound absorber, but it is also antiseptic. In history before penicillin was invented farmers would lay down their sick animals in the peat to heal them, even infants. So, this is truly an amazing material in all aspects.