October 2024 residents

Kristian Anttila
01.10.2024 – 28.10.2024

“Hi there! My name is Kristian Anttila. I have worked as a composer, musician and producer for more than 20 years. I have produced and released several albums in the fields of folk, ambient and pop. So far done about 1000 live performances over the world and written music scores for films and the theatre.”

“I am coming to Paris to write and produce a film score and soundscapes for The Mary Shelley project. An experimental movie in the making by the Paris-based film director Sofia Norlin.”

Mia Engberg
04.10.2024 – 14.10.2024

“I am a Swedish filmmaker, writer and researcher working in the intersection between documentary and fiction. I made a trilogy of feature films; Belleville Baby, Lucky One and Hypermoon that takes place in Paris and Stockholm. It was awarded with the Prix Sauvage in Paris 2024. I teach filmmaking and research the poetics of the non-image and the “visual silence”. My latest book (about film) is called Darkness as Material.”

“I am working on a new script for a feature film that takes place in Paris. I will walk and think and write and look for locations together with my French collaborator Margaux Guillemard.”

Anna Kleberg Tham
Publisher and artist
15.10.2024 – 13.11.2024

“I am a Swedish publisher and photographer. In the early 90’s I studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, at Stockholm University and at the Academy of Photography, Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts and Design), Stockholm. Since 1999, my work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions at galleries and institutions. In 2010 I co-founded Kamarade, an exhibition programme and platform for contemporary art collaborations. Since 2020 I’m the director of Art & Theory Publishing.”

“Art & Theory Publishing will have a pop-up book shop at the Institut suĂ©dois, Oct 16 – Nov 10, in connection with Paris + by Art Basel and Paris Photo. We publish books in collaboration with artists, writers, cultural institutions, architects, photographers, fashion designers, in most cases based in or have a connection to Sweden. Publications include artist monographs, artist’s books, art theory, exhibition catalogues. Books from the Italian publisher Mousse Publishing will also be presented.”

Maria Palmqvist
Singer and composer
15.10.2024 – 28.10.2024

“I am a singer, musician and composer based in Gothenburg. I work in different genres and projects, but improvisation, alternative pop, and comtemporary music are close to my heart. The biggest focus is on my own music and in 2021 the debut album Take My Yoke was released, and the EP If I Broke in 2021. Some of my collaborations have been with BohuslĂ€n Big Band, Gothenburg Wind Orchestra, Lena Willemark and Lindha Kallerdahl. I am currently working on my second album.”

“I am coming to Paris to work on the project Granite & Rainbow which is based on texts by Virginia Woolf, and to work with musicians living in Paris.”

Malin Roitman
Associate professor in French Lingusitica
04.10.2024 – 01.11.2024

“Malin Roitman is Associate Professor in French at Stockholm University. Her research deals especially with argumentation and pragmatic phenomena in media and political discourse, especially the presidential elections debates in France. She has mainly been interested in the use of negation as an argumentation strategy in political and media discourse.”

Negative Meaning and Disagreement in Political Debates – The study examines the use of the French negation “ne
pas” in political debates, focusing on how negation functions when politicians present reasons to vote for them and criticize the opposition. Ne is disappearing in spoken French, but its use is context-dependent. Collaborating with Sorbonne UniversitĂ© Nouvelle, we aim to develop a program for analyzing large linguistic datasets.”

Ylva Snöfrid
01.10.2024 – 28.10.2024

“Earlier Ylva lived in what seemed to be the real world, while Snöfrid lived behind the mirrors, in the so-called mirror world, (a world which is often described as less than real). Snöfrid has been there since Ylva’s childhood, acting as her mirror twin. Later, she became a part of Ylva’s ‘art’ (‘art’ as per what ‘artists’ do). For many years, Ylva brought Snöfrid into the world through rituals and objects, again and again and again
 Until they were finally fused into one – Ylva Snöfrid.”

“I am doing a solo show at Institut suĂ©dois and a site specific performance ritual, the theme is based on a work I have been doing for the last years about Cosmos and Vanitas in Paris I will show 24 paintings within that theme and a book Codex Cosmos and Vanitas and make rituals and dialogues with the audience.”

Louise Sund
Teaching for sustainable development and global justice
01.10.2024 – 28.10.2024

“I began my teaching career as an upper secondary school teacher. Today, I am an Associate Professor of Education and a teacher educator at Örebro University and MĂ€lardalen university. I am the principal investigator in a research project funded by the Swedish Research Council. The project aims to empirically investigate with teachers the possibilities and challenges of taking up ethically and politically charged issues in the classroom.”

“During my stay at the Swedish Institute, I will focus on reading and writing related to my research project. I will also visit partners and research colleagues at the UNESCO and UniversitĂ© Paris CitĂ© to discuss research and possibilities of bridging Global Citizenship Education and Education for Sustainable Development. Specific points to be discussed include presenting a co-developed teacher resource and emerging results from our current research project on decolonial approaches to education.”

Ninna Tersman
Playwright, dramaturg
16.10.2024 – 30.10.2024

“I am a playwright, dramaturg and translator. I have authored more than thirty plays which have been performed widely across Sweden and abroad. The most recent plays include OR-LAN-DO, which will premiere at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in October 2024, and LĂ€s detta brev och darra! (“Read this letter and tremble!”) which will premiere at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in November 2024. I am currently employed as a dramaturg at the Swedish National Touring Theatre.”

“My visit will be devoted to work on a theatrical adaptation of Elin Cullhed’s book Euphoria–A novel about Sylvia Plath. Plath is often associated with the conflicted emotions that led to her suicide. What is peculiar about Cullhed’s novel, however, is that it also stresses her strong appetite for life. A manifestation of that side of her personality was her love for Paris. An aim of the visit is to learn more about the role the city played in her life and work.”