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The Company – what’s your story?

Paradisverkstaden is a family run company that works with stoneware ceramics in all forms. We like to collaborate with other artists, restaurants and architects to produce site-specific ceramics for specific environments. We are well represented in Sweden and abroad. Our beautiful shop and exciting workshop is a well-visited excursion destination on Öland, open all year round. We wish to give the visitor a sensual experience where ceramics and creativity are at the center, with nature as our greatest source of inspiration. Our aim is to create ceramic magic.
Ceramics is an eternal material that can last for centuries. Minerals from nature that return to nature. We also believe that those who use arts and crafts made from natural materials connect to nature. Our stoneware clay is taken from earth, dried and soaked again without additives. We process and form the clay with our hands, creating shapes that stand the test of time. What we add is our imagination and our creativity. Made with love. We want to strengthen our connection with nature. We spring from nature and one day we will return to nature.

Leftover material from our production is reused, clay is dried and ground down for new objects, residual glaze is reused on specific collections. The heat from the oven is recycled when we burn, and heats the workshop, home and shop. We are installing solar cells in 2022.

The products

Paradisverkstaden presents three handmade tableware collections in warm, light and natural glazes. Cups with painted horizons, teapots and beautiful serving platters, among others.

“Morgon Grå” a simple, modern, pretty, almost Japanese in its design language.
“Paradis C/O Lantliv” is slightly rustic and larger in proportions with generous serving vessels to prepare and serve in.
“Paradis/Lowkey” is a modern minimalistic series made in clay with lava spots in natural glaze, a little nostalgia from the 60s-70s. We also show other beautiful accessories for the set table, such as candle holders,
“Line”, “Gräs” and “Fröhus”, and small vases. Out in the garden there are larger sculptural objects in organic shapes and pots in abstract hand-painted patterns and reliefs.
“Spräcklig”, “Kurbits” and “Rutig” we like structures, reliefs, soft glazes and brisk brush strokes.

We will be sculpting on site in the garden. Meet us to talk about collaborations and projects. Hannah, Moa and Eva Paradis wish you a warm welcome!

What’s your secret?

Before starting Paradisverkstaden in the 70s, Olof practiced in Villenauxe in Champagne. We are purveyors to the Royal Swedish Court and have made custom products for the royal castles. We have our ceramics in fine dining restaurants, hotels and other unique places. Paradisverkstaden has existed for 50 years. We will soon open our French webshop for the French audience.