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Stockholm Creative Edition / Anna Harström

The Company – what’s your story?

Stockholm Creative Edition is a new annual independent design festival founded in 2021 showing the best and most progressive Nordic design and things related. The second edition was arranged in May 2022 – an event completely dedicated to select Nordic design exhibiting all over Stockholm with a focus on sustainable and new design.

Stockholm Creative Edition supports new generations of designers through New Contemporary, an initiative by Stockholm Creative Edition together with Annika Berner. Alumni with degrees from the past 5 years from Swedish design colleges were invited to be part of the exhibition in Stockholm in May 2022 where new, exciting Swedish design was on show.

New Contemporary is proud to introduce newly graduated designer Anna Harström to represent New Contemporary in Paris. Anna Harström is a ceramic artist, based in Stockholm, Sweden and on the island of Gotland, Sweden.

The products

The story is about larger sculpture, homeware and the in-between. Anna’s focus is on projects that benefit playfulness, for the maker and for the receiver. Because of its durability and unlimited shapeability, ceramics is the material of choice.

The sculptures “Mud-me” and “Marshmallow” are part of an ongoing series called “Creatures of Mud.”
The series is about where art piece meets furniture and become objects without the limitation of a category. Every piece is unique, hand built, and has its own expression. The theme is a play on shape, function, nonfunction and beauty. Organic shapes help create dynamic spaces where otherwise straight lines rule. The space is your home, the park or a long-lost ruin.

What’s your secret?

Do it for pleasure. Creative pleasure, visual pleasure, tactile pleasure. Stay playful.

Fun fact

Imagine someone put a spell on a piece of furniture and made it a living thing. Those are the Creatures
of Mud.


Stockholm Creative Edition / Anna Harström