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The Company – what’s your story?

Transparent was founded in Stockholm by Per Brickstad, Martin Willers and Magnus Wiberg with the purpose of becoming the first circular tech brand. Transparent has attracted various artists across many genres, such as Tanna Leone, Steve Angello, and Robyn. Their collections can be found at retailers like MrPorter, SSENSE, Isetan, Nordiska Galleriet, The Conran Shop and Turntable Labs.

The product

The Transparent Speaker is futureproofed due to its modular design, making it simple to upgrade components. The loudspeakers are designed with upgrades in mind, there is a compartment on the back of the speaker that can hold and power various modules. Such as new voice control protocols or updated wireless technology. A statement of timeless, modular electronics that blends into any environment.

Added value?

Transparent sound refers to a loudspeaker’s ability to channel the true intention of a musician through to the listener. We tune our speakers to a true reproduction close to the actual recording from the studio. This is why the Transparent Speaker is found in the home of musical artists.