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Wästberg Lighting

The Company – what’s your story?

Wästberg was founded in 2008 by Magnus Wästberg, with the aim to create well-being through good light. Since then, Wästberg has established long-term collaborations with leading architects and designers such as David Chipperfield, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Ilse Crawford, John Pawson, Inga Sempé, and Dirk Winkel. Wästberg’s products can be found worldwide in offices, homes and hotels as well as in museum collections, and have earned the company an international reputation and over 50 prestigious awards.

In close collaboration with leading architects and designers, Wästberg creates long-lasting, technologically driven, economically viable and environmentally conscious lighting. Lighting that answers to fundamental human needs, both physical and emotional, and adapts to these needs as they evolve and shift.

The Products

Developed in collaboration with French designer Inga Sempé:

w103 Sempé – Durable elegance

As simple and solide as a push pin, this versatile lamp combines weight and lightness in one balanced piece that continues to stand the test of time – in both usage and aesthetics w103 Sempé, which was first launched in 2010, is now being re-launched with a total re-engineered lighting solution and electronics. In addition, with a new color palette.

w153 île – Rethinking the clamp lamp

Inga Sempé revisits the simple yet clever clamp lamps of her childhood, upgrading their status while adding stability, personality, and multi-functionality. While capturing the original clamp lamp’s simplicity, w153 île features refined technical solutions to meet contemporary needs.

w163 Lampyre – A phantomic silhouette of light

Taking its name from the French word for glow-worm, w163 Lampyre consists entirely of soft, soothing light behind white mouth-blown opal glass. Even at its brightest, it is a pleasure to look at; dimmed down, it is perhaps at its most beautiful, glowing phantom-like from base to top.

Whats your secret?

Technology and innovation are at the heart of what we do and are crucial to providing good light. However, we understand that what’s technically possible is not always humanly preferable. To us, true innovation means making the effort to find the best possible solutions, putting equal effort into both the measurable and the immeasurable. We believe in creating modern-day fires. Light should shine for us, not on us.