Yvonne Börjesson Paris-Stockholm


The Company – what’s your story?

Yvonne Börjesson Paris-Stockholm is a Swedish designer who has a long career in the fashion industry. Well known as a design consultant for several sportswear brands in Scandinavia & Europe, Yvonne launched her own fashion brand in Paris 1998. She was immediately recognized by the international press, as a creator of new concepts in ready-to-wear. Changing gradually her creative direction, Börjesson became a creative consultant for the French furniture company Bleu Nature who had great success with her ideas 2005-2011. 2008, Yvonne Börjesson launched her Home Couture collection which includes upholstery furniture, headboards for the bedroom and a wide range of textiles such as cushions & plaids.

The product: Modern Lounge seat Spaghetti

Yvonne Börjesson has brought the ideas from her fashion collections into her Home Couture furniture. Her fashion bags with ”fringes” became a Lounge seat which she calls ”Modern Lounge Seat Spaghetti”. Exactly like fashion accessories, Yvonne wants her Seat Objects to highlight the more classical pieces of furniture in the room and give the interior a personal creative touch. Like a jewelry or a handbag which highlights the business suit, etc. Yvonne Börjesson wants to achieve ”A joyful creative harmony with her design pieces”.

What’s your secret?

Yvonne Börjesson’s philosophy is to create objects in creative and interesting materials. All her creative work is starting with the research of new creative textiles and leathers which she combines to interesting contrasts in surfaces and structures. The shapes are pure and simple and slightly futuristic. Being a textil designer, some of the materials she uses is her own creation. Her furnitures are handmade by artisans who built the piece solidly from the ground in solid pine tree wood. The fact that it is a solid piece of furnitures handmade with attention to details give the piece of furniture durability that last for ages.

“My furnitures are to be seen as a Seat Object– a Design Object you sit on. You do not throw out a Design Object you love. You bring it with you in life, from home to home”. This is durability and awareness”.

Modern Lounge Seat Spaghetti designed by Yvonne Börjesson 2012
Exhibited unit: Produced July 2022
Made of: pine tree wood / polyester / calf leathe


Yvonne Börjesson Paris-Stockholm