Alexander Lervik

The Company – what’s your story?

Reveal your true colors.

An abundant choice of colors defines the new Swedish lighting company NOON Light. With almost 200 different shades of color, NOON Light offers flexible solutions without precedence. Even the cables in textile and rubber can be had in some 100 different colors. NOON Light will offer playful and technological accurate design devised by a selected rooster of international designers, all brought together under the artistic direction of the acclaimed Swedish light master Alexander Lervik. With a range of varied expressions and a focus on well-executed function, NOON Light will produce both timeless classic forms and bold experimental functional art. Scandinavian playfulness and elegance will thrive along with international mastery and will accentuate all kinds of interiors with a wide color palette. As a newly born company, NOON Light will offer the latest technology with due diligence to environmental impact. The color coating process is executed in close collaboration with the Swedish furniture company Johanson Design AB

The Product

Alexander Lervik transforms the classic desktop lamp into a light sculpture. Instead of exact construction and function, Ori is a paraphrase on the Anglepoise lamp of the thirties, and the Swedish paper lanterns popularized in the seventies. An elegy to modernist design that is pure light, with contemporary LED technology just leaving a silhouette of the remembered structure. “I love the material,” says Alexander Lervik, “Ori is a little sculpture, like an elf appearing in a misty morning light. The inside is filled with small LED that will give a well diffused light.”

Fun facts

While NOON Light’s other lamps offer a myriad of different colors, Ori is just one color, or rather all colors since white encompass them all. Liberated from old technology, Ori is in the hand of Alexander Lervik light reduced to its very essence.


Alexander Lervik