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Family event: Alfons Åberg celebrates his birthday!

Alfons Åberg, the iconic Swedish children’s book character, is celebrating his 50th birthday this year! To mark the occasion, we’re organising a day of creative workshops and presenting a small exhibition.
Drawing av Alfons Åberg celebrating with his birthday with three friends, with a cake, balloons and toys.

Created 50 years ago by author and illustrator Gunilla Bergström, Alfons is still as young as ever! As if to prove this, he was translated into French just two years ago (under the name Alphonse Aubert).

Alfons is a five-year-old who likes doing things his way, even if it’s time for bed or school or if there are dangerous tools in Daddy’s toolbox. Daddy has the patience of a saint, but he’s sometimes stubborn as well! Their daily adventures are opportunities for them to understand each other while discovering more about themselves.

A small exhibition looks back over the 50-year existence of little Alfons, whose adventures have been translated into some thirty languages. For the opening of the exhibition on Saturday 23 July, his French publishers Delphine and Fredrik Monteil (L’Étagère du Bas) will be running four creative workshops for kids.

Three books have so far been published by L’Étagère du Bas, translated by Marianne Ségol-Samoy: Bonne nuit, Alphonse AubertBien joué, Alphonse Aubert and Dépêche-toi, Alphonse Aubert (just published).

 In collaboration with publishers L’Étagère du Bas, as part of the Partir en livre festival.

Useful information

  • Exhibition: admission free
  • Workshop (4 years old and up): please sign up in advance for one of the four sessions (in French): 10:00 / 11:00 / 14:30 / 16:30

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