Greta Garbo: Camille

We are partnering with the silent film cycle "Greta Garbo, La Divine" at the Fondation Jérôme Seydoux Pathé, and we are adding two talkies to the programme: "Queen Christina" and "Camille". Greta Garbo welcomed the arrival of talking cinema, stating that she hoped that it would make her roles more natural and expressive.
Black and white photography of Greta Garbo and her partner in the film Camille, in a loving and sensual position.

In Parisian high society in 1847, amorous encounters would take place at the theatre, at balls and in gambling circles where discretion was required… this was the so-called “game of love”. Marguerite Gautier is one of those pretty courtesans who live on the knife-edge of reputation, her wits sharpened by champagne but her eyes often brimming with tears.

When Greta Garbo was given the role in the 1930s, she was at the height of her fame, having already starred in Anna Christie (1931), Mata Hari (1931), Queen Christina (1933) and Anna Karenina (1935). Films could now count on her name alone to ensure their success, and Metro Goldwyn Mayer offered her roles that would best show off her talents as a tragic actress.

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Original title: Camille
Based on La Dame aux camélias by Alexandre Dumas.
Directed by George Cukor
Screenplay by Zoé Akins, Frances Marion, James Hilton
With Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor
U.S.A, 1936, in English with French subtitles, black and white, 1 hr 49 mins, all audiences.

Screened in partnership with Fondation Jérôme Seydoux – Pathé.

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