The Hotel de Marle, an architectural jewel built in the late 16th century and acquired 50 years ago to house the Institut Suédois, has a number of unique architectural features including its monumental staircase, its painted ceiling and its “Philibert Delorme-style” roof structure. Guided tours will be given by mediators from the Institut Suédois and guides from the Association Paris Historique.
As well as the rooms that are usually opened to the public, a unique opportunity will be offered this year. One of our residency studios, in one of the wings of the building, has just been fitted out by Canadian, Indian, Polish, Ukranian, and Swedish student designers. Visiting the PCA + Beckmans studio, named after the students’ design schools, will be a chance to discover the house from a new angle.

Further information
Continuous 20-minute visits in French.
Admission free. Prior reservation not required.
Part of the Journées Européennes du Patrimoine 2018