The exhibition spaces and gardens will be closed on 6 June as we prepare for the evening event.
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Impulsion! Festival

The Institut Suédois becomes a vibrant collaborative stage for a week-end! Walk freely among the performances and workshops led by ten choreographers in the garden and exhibition rooms.
drawing in yellow and black of a dancer leaned backwards with her arm up in the air.

Among the trees and sculptures in the garden, creating a dialogue with the artworks in the temporary exhibition LONGING – woven strands, woven stories, the ten choreographers involved in the Impulsion programme share excerpts or entire performances, present their work with vulnerable youngsters, run workshops and share their experience in the field.

Impulsion is a programme created in 2021 by La Fabrique de la Danse, allowing choreographers to develop innovative educational approaches. It also helps them to put in place educational and social initiatives such as collective training, one-to-one support, networking and making workspaces available.

On Saturday and Sunday at 6 pm, Feather Landdéplacements sans ailes by Swedish choreographer Michaela Meschke, who lives in Paris, will close the day’s events. This piece of dance theatre explores the effects of colonisation and its consequences on our lives, sharing space and the idea of welcome.

The ten choreographers involved in the Impulsion programme:
Tess Blanchard, Timothée Bouloy, Elizabeth Gahl Le Nôtre, Jehane Hamm, Cécile Lassonde, Elsa Lyczko, Michaela Meschke, Michel Onomo dit « Meech », Emmanuelle Simon, Orianne Vilmer.

In collaboration with La Fabrique de la Danse and in partnership with Paris Mômes.

Useful information

  • Admission free, no need to book except for the show at 6 pm.
  • Detailed programme coming soon.