Parcours Bijoux: So Different To Sit Alone

For "Parcours Bijoux", a three-yearly event focusing on contemporary art jewellery, we will be presenting two group expositions. “So Different To Sit Alone” brings together four artists who met in the art jewellery workshop at the Göteborg Academy of Art and Design and who worked together again ten years later.
Mix of elements from the creative process of jewel-making.

The magic of a workshop does not only come from what is made there; it also lies in what ends up inside it, either by chance or intentionally. The “fragments” of life that accumulate on workbenches and combine with one another create an intimate space: objects that have been found, given or abandoned, souvenirs and treasures collected as life goes on. Sharing an artistic workspace means sharing “fragments” of ourselves.

Ten years ago, the Swedish artists Elin Flognman, Lena Birgitsdotter and Ammeli Engström and the French artist Mathilde Bascaules studied together at the Göteborg Academy of Art and Design. They now live far apart. For Parcours Bijoux 2023, they wanted to revive the energy of collective work they experienced when they shared a workshop. Based on “fragments” chosen from their own workspaces and sent to one another to stimulate and inspire them, they offer personal collections of jewellery and artworks created together that have travelled from one workshop to the next. Each artist brought her own contribution to each piece before sending it on to the next one. The pieces thus created are not only collective artworks; they also bear the traces of the varied lives and experiences of each artist.

Discover the work of each artist:

In collaboration with Parcours Bijoux.

Useful information

  • Admission free, no need to book in advance.
  • Vernissage: 04.10.2023 / 18:00 – 20:00.