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Sound Performance “Memorabilia (Settlers)” + Meet the artist: Anastasia Ax

As the exhibition "Suivre les ondes" nears its end, Anastasia Ax, along with guest composers and sound artists, will be performing a final intervention on the installation titled “Settlers [Paris]”.
Settlers [Stockholm], 2023. Photo Knotan

Anastasia Ax is interested in the physicality of life, what happens when we act upon the world, and the ways in which a message can be passed on through different materials and states. In Suivre les ondes, she presents several new works including a series of mirror foil pieces on which she has poured ink before pressing them with her hands to create random imprints, and, in the Institut suédois garden, the installation Settlers [Paris]. This construction made of lightweight concrete and iron oxide has evolved over a period of months thanks to the effects of rain, sunshine, visiting animals and plants, and previous interventions by the artist.

Anastasia Ax’s intervention on this installation sees her engage in close combat with her material by cutting it, smashing it and crushing it. It’s like taking part in a choreographed acceleration of geological time where everything is broken down and remodeled. Or it’s like witnessing a creative process where worlds are constructed only to be destroyed and recreated. Time is a key concept in Ax’s practice; she alternates between total control of her material and allowing it to live its own life, letting chance take over.

For this final intervention, the residues of the installation are placed on a piece of plasterboard that acts as a mixing desk. Using microphones, Anastasia Ax amplifies the sound produced when her body come sinto contact with the materials and invites composers and sound artists to join the dance.

Memorabilia (Settlers) is the final event in the Suivre les ondes programme. It will be followed by a discussion between Anastasia Ax and Sara Arrhenius, director of the Institut suédois and co-curator of the exhibition.

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