Sound Performance “Memorabilia (Settlers)” + Meet the artist: Anastasia Ax

As the exhibition “Suivre les ondes” draws to a close, Anastasia Ax, along with the sound artist and sculptor Méryll Ampe, will be presenting a sound performance in the installation “Settlers [Paris]”.
Settlers [Stockholm], 2023. Photo Knotan

Anastasia Ax is interested in the physicality of life, what happens when we act upon the world, and the ways in which a message can be passed on through different materials and states. As part of Suivre les ondes, she has presented an outdoor installation titled Settlers [Paris]. This construction in lightweight concrete and iron oxide was activated by the artist during the vernissage and evolved as the months went past, affected by weather, animals and plants.

Today, Anastasia Ax invites the sound artist and sculptor MĂ©ryll Ampe to take part in a sound performance in the installation, based on its constituent elements.

MĂ©ryll Ampe conceives sound as a medium that can be sculpted in real time and improvises based on analogue sources (oscilloscopes, filters, drum machine). In his performances, she involves himself in a radically instinctive way, listening to the place and his own body and weaving weighty states of sound that unfold, meet, combine and decompose.

Memorabilia (Settlers) is the closing event for the Suivre les ondes season and will be followed by an opportunity to meet Anastasia Ax in conversation with Sara Arrhenius, director of the Institut suédois and co-curator of the exhibition.

  • 19:30 / Guided visit by Elena Sorokina, curator and art critic
  • 20:00 / Sound performance by Anastasia Ax and MĂ©ryll Ampe
  • 20:30 / Anastasia Ax in conversation with Sara Arrhenius

Useful information

  • Admission free, no need to book.
  • Guided visit in French.
  • Discussion in English.