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Swedish language workshop: Translating Sara Stridsberg’s musicality

Interested in language and translation? Why not take part in a translation workshop focusing on Sara Stridsberg’s novel "The Faculty of Dreams". You don’t even need to speak Swedish to take part! (but you do need to speak French as the workshop is in French...)
Illustration showing hands of multiple colours playing the piano, the music represented by filets of words floating up in the air.

In her novel on the US radical feminist Valerie Solanas, The Faculty of Dreams, winner of the prestigious Nordic Council Prize, Sara Stridsberg initiated a new literary style in Scandinavia: a kind of poetic prose with an almost versified rhythm and omnipresent sonorities.

As a foretaste of the 39th Assises de la Traduction in Arles next November devoted to the translation of music, Sara Stridsberg’s translator, Jean-Baptiste Coursaud, will look at how to render the musicality of her language by working with participants on a few paragraphs from the novel.

The French translation of the novel, La Faculté des rêves, was published by Stock in 2009, having been initially published in Sweden in 2006 by Albert Bonniers Förlag.

Workshop organised by the literary translation association ATLAS as part of the 7th Printemps de la Traduction.

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