Think Tank 022 by architects Kjellander Sjöberg

Riding on last year’s success, Kjellander Sjöberg brings together a panel of Swedish and French architects and planning specialists for a discussion on the challenges facing urbanism and architecture today.
Large wood interior with high windows and a few people in the back of the place, working or talking.

Reflective practice & process ‚Äď shaping inclusive environments

How do we shape future design processes of our shared (and) physical living environment?

A reflective and responsive architectural practice needs to address current challenges and explore new territories. In a changing social and planetary environment, what is the architect’s role? In the midst of a major transformation with blurred boundaries, hybrid combinations, and multiple stakeholders, what new types of collaborations are critical?

For this Think Tank, Kjellander Sjöberg invite prominent architects based in Paris to take us through some fundamental aspects of their workshops, their processes, culture, methods, their thinking. Through highly inspiring examples and references, the Think Tank promote a panel discussion primarily on principles and possible paths towards a healthier, more sustainable, adaptive and inclusive future. The idea is to investigate common grounds as well as distinctively individual features that make a diverse and meaningful contribution to urban places and to the discourse. This is a session to encourage an exchange of ideas, perspectives and experiences. Welcome!

Participating French architecture firms:

  • Nicolas Dorval Bory
  • Plan Com√ļn
  • Septembre
  • Studio Muoto

This Think Tank is the 22nd in a series of non-profit discussions and co-creations hosted by Kjellander Sjöberg architects since 2013. The purpose is to build a collaborative platform and to promote a wider cross-disciplinary dialogue and initiative, to engage with urban planning and architectural discourses that transform cities and the built environment. Participants consist of the public and a wide array of colleagues, scholars, professionals, policy-makers, urban planners and clients.

Useful information

  • In the garden (or inside if it rains, while seats last)
  • Discussion in English
  • Admission free while space lasts