Kiruna, a mining town in the far north of Sweden, has had to move its centre to survive. A gigantic project lasting several years involves a panel of architects who have to provide an answer to the question: how can we re-create the identity of an existing city in a new area, while taking the opportunity to create a new environment for its inhabitants?

For the development of the area of Malmö, Architects Sweden and Region Skåne launched an innovative competition, Imagine Open Skåne. It was open to students, young talents and professionals working in the field of planning, irrespective of their country of residence. The aim was to broaden the notion of social development and to invite new stakeholders to show the way. Unusually, the competition involved professionals from creative fields at an early stage of the process. New questions and responses were formulated, sparking new discussions on the nature of today’s cities and how we wish them to evolve in the future.

Paris is currently developing a project called Faire Paris designed to accelerate the emergence of experimental approaches. Designed for architects and students, it facilitates the implementation of full-scale prototypes in new intermediate zones in Greater Paris. This applied research encourages the use of new processes, materials and construction programmes, and is a tool that fosters dialogue between these intermediate zones and existing neighbourhoods.

In the panel:

  • Jean-Jacques Hubert, architecte DPLG, h2o architectes  
  • Gunilla Kronvall, architecte RIBA II SAR/MSA, Atelier01 arkitektur, president Architects Sweden Skåne
  • Krister Lindstedt, architecte SAR/MSA, White arkitekter AB.
  • Antoine Santiard, architecte EPFL, h2o architectes
  • and Tove Dumon Wallsten, architecte SAR/MSA, project manager Architects Sweden

Event organised in collaboration with Architects Sweden.

Discussion in English. Moderator : Jurgen Hecker, journaliste, AFP.
Admission free while seats last.
Drinks may be purchased at the bar.
Event organised within the framework of Swedish Design Moves Paris