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Wood Insights

Part of Swedish Secrets, Wood Insights highlights creative pathways and brings together designers and architects around a programme entirely devoted to wood – from the base of the trunk to the tips of the branches!
A tree trunk and different wooden prototypes are set on a table and people are discussing in the background.

In the form of a presentation in the Swedish Secrets showroom and a number of discussion sessions, the Swedish Wood Federation and the Form Us With Love design studio will be discussing choice of materials, manufacturing processes and resource optimisation. The space has been interior-designed by Form Us With Love and the format is inspired by Prototypa, a successful concept created by the same studio.

Its aim is to prompt conversations between designers, architects and furniture manufacturers on wood sustainability and resource optimisation. Did you know, for example, that often only part of a tree is made into wood?

Since 2005, Stockholm-based studio Form Us With Love has made a name for itself designing innovative products, strategies and projects. What sets them apart is the way they combine strategic innovation with traditional methods. Using a simple but effective tool, Form Us With Love has developed the Prototypa concept— prototype in its physical form—all over the world since 2017.

Swedish Wood is a federation of industrial firms and manufacturers that promotes the development of the Swedish timber market in architecture, construction and interior design. Wood Insights reflects the eagerness of Swedish Wood to improve knowledge and innovation relating to wood. This year, in collaboration with other stakeholders in the field, the federation has initiated a resource optimisation and sustainable development programme.

Programme initiated by Swedish Wood in collaboration with Form Us With Love.