Swedish Secrets

From the clothes we wear to the spaces we live in and the cities we build, design is everywhere! For the entire month of September, Swedish Secrets lifts the lid on contemporary Swedish design. Over 40 designers, architects and fashion designers committed to developing a more sustainable society invite professionals and design lovers to the Institut Suédois for showrooms, talks and seminars.
Two hands holding a light fabric with a yellow border as binoculars with the text: "Swedish Secrets".

All our spaces are turning into a showroom designed by internationally famous Franco-Swedish designers FĂ€rg & Blanche. Each showcased brand has selected one or more objects, as well as a “secret” connected to them. The showroom has two further spaces, the first devoted to designers from the west coast of Sweden and the second devoted to wood, from the base of the tree trunk to the tips of its branches. Wood Insights highlights creative pathways and brings together designers and architects around a presentation and a day of talks, on 10 September. The aim is to discuss the use of different materials, manufacturing processes and resource optimisation.

At the end of the month, as part of Paris Fashion Week, the showroom will be transformed in order to display the latest creations by top fashion brands: it’s Swedish Fashion Now! From 28 to 30 September, Heart 17 also offers creative workshops for young people and a talk on sustainibility, fashion and Tech. Heart 17 is an initiative that brings together people, brands, artists and scientists around innovative projects designed to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Objectives by 2030.

To complete the exploration, as part of the TraversĂ©es du Marais Festival (2 – 4 September) followed by Paris Design Week (8 – 17 September), we offer special guided visits to our artist-in-residence studios, with interiors entirely designed by pairs of Swedish designers and brands. This year, as well as the usual visits, the mediation teams proposes an innovative concept: ‘aperitif visits’. Discover Swedish flavours created by our new cafĂ©, FIKA, inspired by the look of each studio!

On 15 and 16 September, Architects Sweden is organising a series of talks between Swedish and French architects. They’ll be talking about and comparing the challenges they currently face and explaining possible solutions. These discussions focus on projects in the field of urban planning and architecture, especially in terms of urban development, for which small towns can sometimes provide enlightening examples.

Click here for a virtual guided tour of a design exhibition in Sara kulturhus in SkellefteÄ!
The building, designed by White, is one of the tallest wooden skyscrapers in Europe. It was inaugurated in 2021 and hosts a cultural centre and a hotel

Detailed programme

Swedish Secrets: the showroom

  • Friday 2 September – Sunday 25 September: Design showroom
  • From Tuesday 27 September: Fashion showroom
  • Admission free // Wednesday – Sunday // 12:00 – 18:00

Hem x 6 – Guided visits at 2, 3 and 4 pm

  • Friday 2 – Sunday 4 September
  • Friday 9 – Sunday 11 September

Hem x 6 – ‘Aperitif’ visits at 5 pm

  • Friday 2 + Saturday 3 September
  • Friday 9 + Saturday 10 September

Swedish Fashion Now: the showrooms

  • Monday 26 September – Wednesday 5 October
  • Admission free and/or by appointment

Talks & Discussions

Participating companies and designers: Act of Caring, Alexander Lervik, Anna Elzer Oscarson, Anna Harström (New Contemporary/Stockholm Creative Edition), Arkivet, Asket, Atacac, Beckmans College of Design Stockholm, Bite Studio, BlÄ Station, Cecilia Eduards (Eduards Accessories), Cecilia Pettersson, Coloreel, Dahl Agenturer, Dedicated, Diemonde, DiemondeXMarché Noir, Dometic, Dux, Emeli Höcks, Emily-Claire & Erik GoksÞyr,  EGA Erik Giudice Architecture, Esbjörn Grip, Filippa K, Form Us With Love, Guringo Design Studio, Guringo Design Studio X Rita Roslin, GÀrsnÀs, Hampus Penttinen, Heart 17, Houdini Sportswear, Ingridsdotter, Jakob Tangen, Johanson Design, Karl Andersson & Söner, Kjellander Sjöberg architects, Lars Wallin, Liljewall arkitekter, Lill O Sjöberg/Maria Zeilon (Skryta), Lisa Hilland, Louise XIN, Markus Johansson, Matilda Hunyadi (Sloydlab), Maze Interiors, Murman arkitekter, MÄlerÄs, Nola, Nudie Jeans, Okko, Once more by Södra, Paradisverkstaden, Popswap, Rave Review, Rekotex, Re:newcell, Rika Studio, Robert Curran, Sami Kallio, Selam Fessahaye, Siptex, Stackelbergs, Stina Rand, Stockholm Fashion District, Streamateria, Susan Szatmåry, Swedish Stockings, Tarkett, The Swedish School of Textiles/University of BorÄs, Transparent, Ulf Linder, Unifrom, Wargön, WeAreSpindye, White Arkitekter, WÀstberg Lighting, Yvonne Börjesson Paris-Stockholm.

Swedish Secrets is organised in collaboration with Paris Design Week, Maison&Objet, Architects Sweden, Svensk Form Väst, Swedish Fashion Association, and Swedish Wood. With support from the Swedish Embassy in France, and Paris Habitat.

Swedish Secrets is part of the Swedish Design Movement, an initiative bringing together designers, fashion designers and architects convinced of the crucial role of design in the transition to a more sustainable society. All have signed this manifesto!
Instagram : @swedishdesignmovement